Need for an Efficient CMS Development in PrestaShop

In this digitized world, the online presence of any entity (be it a person, brand, or organization) is more important than presence on any other available platforms. But it is worth noting that the mere presence whether it’s offline or online does no good to anyone. It’s good that you are present but are you visible? Being present and being visible are two different things. Visibility plays an even more important role for the businesses running online i.e., eCommerce.

Need for an Efficient CMS Development in PrestaShop

For online businesses/eCommerce, only one thing has the ability to do wonders in improving visibility. And that is none other than “Content”. Content is one of the most important & often ignored parts of any eCommerce business. Most merchants get themselves so involved in setting up a shop that they are overwhelmed when all technical setup is only ready & good to go. At last, in the enthusiasm of getting the shop online, they go with basic content & wonder afterward why profit is not good.

It’s worth noting that only good content cannot ensure skyrocketing profit margins. As there are many factors that play an important role in making an eCommerce business venture successful. But on the other hand, you can also not ignore the fact that an average content can make your business take a dip. Generally, an eCommerce merchant is involved more in managing business affairs. For them, it’s not easy to edit the content of the website via programming language codes. Even for the merchants who are familiar with the programming language codes, it’s not feasible or convenient to edit the codes every time. In such cases, a tool called CMS comes as a great help for eCommerce merchants.

What is CMS?

CMS an abbreviation for Content Management System is a tool or a platform that provides an easy alternative for managing/updating the content of a website. A CMS makes the process of creating, adding, editing the content of the website much easier. The most important thing about CMS is that it doesn’t require any technical knowledge beforehand for adding/editing content. Even if you’re new to CMS, you will find it easy to sail through all its options to customize the content of your website.

Why is using CMS Important?

The importance of CMS lies in one of the main benefits that it provides. Although there are numerous benefits of using a CMS tool, we’ll come back to that part later. The main benefit which I’m talking about is its easy-to-use functions. Anyone who is even slightly familiar with any word processing software can use a CMS tool.

In eCommerce, platforms like PrestaShop already provide for the addition of CMS pages on the shop. The addition of these pages in PrestaShop has always been easy. For the addition of content in CMS pages, PrestaShop provides TinyMCE text editors to make the work of merchants even easier. TinyMCE text editor helps to customize the content with its multiple editing options.

Although PrestaShop provides features of adding CMS pages, it is always better to undertake a CMS development that caters to the needs of almost everyone.

Apart from the eCommerce platforms, CMS development can be really helpful in the following kinds of websites:

· News websites
· Blogging platforms
· Discussion forums etc.

CMS development in PrestaShop

PrestaShop is one of those eCommerce platforms that helps many small & medium-sized businesses across the world in taking their business online. Up till now, it’s quite clear the benefits that a CMS tool brings for eCommerce merchants. Keeping in mind the same, the PrestaShop development should also be in line to provide a CMS that could make the work easier. PrestaShop development in recent years has proved that there is always a window for improvement. With all the new tools/modules coming out, it is undoubtedly making work easier for merchants. Along with that, PrestaShop development is always carried out keeping in mind the end-user I.e., a customer.

Enhancing the user experience is also one of the main aims that developers wish to achieve via PrestaShop development. CMS development is also one of the parts of PrestaShop development that is much necessary. CMS development can only be considered successful if the end-user (even with no or little technical knowledge) can use it.

Features to look for while choosing a CMS tool

In this digitally awakened era, we as a user have multiple options for anything which we need. The same goes for a CMS tool too. There are innumerous options available out there, but you must see at least some of the features listed here before selecting one out of them.

  1. Content generation by multiple users — There are many websites that allow many people to publish their content. If you consider an example of an organization, many people are involved in the work of generating content. In such a case, it’d be easy if multiple user account creation is considered while CMS development is underway.
  2. Customizable access to each user — In an organization, where a large number of people are overseeing the work related to the content, all of them cannot be provided with a similar level of access. Hence, it becomes much necessary to customize the access level for editing/managing the content/documents.
  3. Addition of content in multiple languages — Considering an eCommerce platform like PrestaShop, whose users are all across the world. Those shops are accessible to users residing in like every part of the world. It’d be much beneficial if a CMS tool allows the addition of content in multiple languages. So that a user of a shop accessing the website can see the content of the website in his/her own native language.
  4. The publishing schedule is a plus — A CMS tool having a schedule is always a plus. Consider yourself all ready for a new sale or publishing of a new category of products. Don’t you think, it’d be easier if you can ready your content beforehand & leave it by scheduling a publish time at exactly the time of product publishing or when your sale is live.
  5. Integration of SEO — How your added content is going to perform can only be analyzed with the help of SEO tools. Integration of SEO tools like Magento 2 SEO extension in a CMS would provide you with an added advantage. The rough analysis of the performance of content over the search engines can help you to make changes beforehand.

At last, I’d like to mention that all of the things stated above would give you a pretty clear idea about things to consider before selecting a CMS platform. Also, it’ll be much better to take a CMS development that is packed with features to give users an edge. As there are innumerous options available, hence they can be unique in themselves with a range of their unique features. It’d be much better to consider your requirement first & go for a tool that suits your needs.

Chandrasekhar, A creative Digital Marketing Executive at Webkul Software Pvt. Ltd. helps clients to generate leads, drive site traffic, & build their brand.